Participant Workbook

Participant Workbook

This workbook is part of the Peer Supporter Diabetes and Mental Health Training Module. It is for use during a two-day training session intended to teach participants how they can best encourage peers in diabetes prevention and self-care,5 and provide Peer Supporters with the opportunity to practise related skills.

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Table of Contents

Intentions and Expectations
Overview of the Training Module
Proposed Training Session Schedule
Review: Peer Support

Exercise 01: Definition of Peer Support
Exercise 02: Benefits of Peer Support
Exercise 03: Role of the Peer Supporter
Exercise 04: Peer Supporter Core Competencies

Overview: Training Content and Outcomes

Becoming Diabetes Informed

Exercise 05: Becoming Diabetes Informed
Exercise 06: Distinctions Between Being

Diabetes-Informed and a Diabetes Expert

Exercise 07: Creating a Peer Supporter’s Diabetes Resource List

The Lived Experience of Diabetes

Part I: Grieving Over Diabetes

Exercise 08: Common Emotional Responses – Acknowledging Experiences

Part II: The Burden of Self-Management

Exercise 09: Acknowledging the Burden of Self-Management
Supporting Peers: Promoting Self-Advocacy
Exercise 10: Promoting Self-Advocacy
Supporting Peers: Strengthening Supports
Exercise 11: Strengthening Supports

Living Well with Diabetes

Supporting Peers: Encouraging Self-Care

Exercise 12: Encouraging Self-Care
Exercise 13: Peer Supporter Skills Practice
Exercise 14: Setting an Intention


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