Becoming Diabetes-Informed Self-Guided Review and Knowledge Quiz

Becoming Diabetes Informed Self-Guided Review and Knowledge Quiz

The Becoming Diabetes-Informed Self-Guided Review and Knowledge Quiz is one part of the Diabetes and Mental Health Peer Supporter Training Module. The review is intended to help participants to gain the basic knowledge needed to become diabetes-informed. This component is meant to be used in conjunction with the Diabetes and You toolkit developed by the Canadian Diabetes Association and the government of Ontario. Participants should complete the review and quiz before taking the two-day training session.

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What Does It Mean to Be “Diabetes Informed”?

Being informed means showing knowledge based on a solid understanding of the facts.

Being diabetes-informed means that a Peer Supporter:

  • has acquired a general and accurate understanding of diabetes
  • has learned the facts, figures, information and resources helpful for every peer to know about diabetes, and
  • distinguishes their role in supporting a peer around the prevention and self-management of diabetes from the roles of other health care providers and diabetes experts.

Diabetes and You

Diabetes and You coverDiabetes and You is the primary resource you will use, in preparation for the training sessions, to become diabetes informed. Now a recognized standard for diabetes information, it was developed by the Canadian Diabetes Association and the government of Ontario to encourage people diagnosed with diabetes to become informed about the condition, and to encourage them to take an active role in managing their diabetes.

Diabetes and You is a helpful resource for people intending to support those living with diabetes, including mental health Peer Supporters. The toolkit includes fact sheets and a DVD series.

How to Order Copies of the Diabetes and You Toolkit

Order online at:

Or call the Service Ontario Contact Centre (Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm):
(416) 326-5300
(416) 325-3408 (TTY)
1-800-668-9938 toll-free
1-800-268-7095 (toll-free TTY)

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