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Self-Guided Review and Knowledge Quiz Trainer Guide Participant Guide

The Peer Supporter Diabetes and Mental Health Training Module is a specialty training program for Peer Supporters1 of mental health who will also encourage and support physical well-being. The training is intended for Peer Supporters who are currently in or intend to step into designated roles in which they have or will have opportunities to support peers engaged in the prevention or self-management2 of diabetes.

Those participating in this training are expected to have completed a recognized and reputable course of training in the foundations of mental health peer support.

It is expected that the training covered in this module will be delivered by individuals who have successfully completed a recognized and reputable course or program for trainers.

For information about new training opportunities, contact OPDI.

Overview of the Training Module

The Diabetes and Mental Health Peer Supporter Training Module has three components:

  1. An initial Becoming Diabetes-Informed Self-Guided Review and Knowledge Quiz intended to help participants to gain the basic knowledge needed to become diabetes-informed. This component is meant to be used in conjunction with the Diabetes and You3 toolkit developed by the Canadian Diabetes Association and the government of Ontario. Participants should complete the review and quiz before taking the two-day training session.
  2. A two-day training session intended to teach participants how they can best encourage peers in diabetes prevention and self-care,4 and provide Peer Supporters with the opportunity to practise related skills. The module includes a Trainer Guide and a Participant Workbook.
  3. A final Participant Application and Knowledge Quiz is intended to help prepare participants to step into a diabetes and mental health Peer Supporter role.


The Peer Supporter Diabetes and Mental Health Training Module builds on the Peer Support Core Skills Training Program already developed by the Ontario Peer Development Initiative. (It is important that peer support workers are also trained in the core skills of peer support, which is not covered in this module.)

The diabetes training module was pilot tested by peer supporters affiliated with OPDI member consumer/survivor initiatives (CSIs) within regions across Ontario. An evaluation was conducted and the diabetes training module was revised and published as a stand-alone module for training mental health peer supporters delivering peer support in any setting.


  1. Peer Supporter, Peer Worker, Peer Specialist and Peer Provider are terms that refer to a peer who is providing peer support in a role that is recognized, designated and, ideally, paid. The term Peer Supporter will be used throughout this training module.
  2. Self-management is a term used by health care providers to mean control of a disease process, symptom reduction, and/or compensation for the symptoms of a disorder by the person affected.
  3. Queen’s Printer for Ontario Catalogue No. 012639 200M August 2009, Diabetes and You.
  4. Self-care, meaning taking care of the body, mind, heart and spirit, is one of the cornerstones of mental health peer support and will be the term used in the module to describe related peer activities.

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