From Madhouse to Our House

From Madhouse to Our House (2005) was produced as a new way of introducing an emerging model for mental health care to a wide audience. Consumer/survivor initiatives (CSIs) transform in a fundamental way how people with mental health concerns are supported. They go from being consumers of services and survivors of the system to active participants who support one another and work for community change.

“While there are many efforts underway to reform or improve mental health services, this one is unique in that it puts consumers in control of their own supports,” said Geoff Nelson, a psychology professor at Laurier and the principal investigator of a five-year study of CSIs. “With the help of the government, individuals who have experienced mental health issues have developed their own organizations, ones that are operated exclusively by and for mental health consumer/survivors.”

The video was produced by Peter Kienitz Productions with support from The Centre for Research and Education in Human Services and the Ontario Peer Development Initiative. Featuring interviews with: Geoffrey Nelson, Kathryn McLean, Joanna Ochocka, Rich Janzen, Shawn Lauzon, John Trainor, David Reville, Marie Shepherd, Debborah Sherman, Judy Hoover, Lisa Gammage, Lindsay George, Ed Pomeroy, Alex Troger and Robert Chapman.

Part One

Part Two