Pilot Training Sessions

The Peer Supporter Diabetes and Mental Health Training Module builds on a pre-existing peer support training program, Peer Support Core Essentials, offered by the Ontario Peer Development Initiative (OPDI). The Core Essentials program provides training to people with lived experience of the mental health system who are currently or wish to become peer supporters.

The Diabetes and Mental Health Peer Support Training Module was developed and delivered by same people who do core skills training, using a similar model.

Meet the Trainers

Diabetes and Mental Health Peer Support Trainers Diabetes and Mental Health Peer Support Trainers
Back row (left to right): Barbara, Kathleen, Arif, Martha
Front row: Dianne, Halina, Theresa

Pilot Training Schedule and Locations

February 2011: Train-the-Trainers
During a two-day train-the-trainers session in Toronto (February 16-17, 2011), seven peer trainers from across Ontario were trained to deliver the diabetes module.

March-April 2011: Regional Training Sessions
Peer trainers returned to their home regions to deliver the diabetes module to 80 (total) peer supporters.

April-October 2011: Local Support
Peer supporters used their training to provide peer support locally.

Map of pilot training locations
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Illustration by Rose Zgodzinski